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Student Drop-Off Pick-Up

The safety of our students and community members is a priority at Penrose Elementary. We are asking that you follow some basic guidelines during the drop-off and pick-up of students. 

  • Drop-off and pick-up students in designated areas only.

  • Park cars in designated parking areas only

  • Drive safely, monitor speed, look before backing up

  • Be polite and considerate of others 

  • Use designated crosswalks and sidewalks

  • Do not block entrances or exits with your car

  • Turn music down

Map of the drop-off areas

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Areas: We have two pick-up/drop-off areas. One is located in the far right lane in the main parking area and the other is in the Kiss & Go Circle. For fire and safety reasons, occupancy in these spaces is limited to short term use only (2-3 minutes). If you need more time please find a legal area to park your car on a side street, our main parking lot, or overflow parking area. If there is no space available, proceed to another area. Do not block the flow of traffic.

Parking: If you plan on getting out of your car for more than 3 minutes please use the side streets, our main parking lot, or the overflow parking area. Avoid parking in private driveways, designated no parking zones, any coned areas, or any space that might block the flow of traffic. The main parking area is closed between 8:20-8:30am and 3:20-3:30pm.There is no parking in the Kiss and Go lot or in front of the school building. 

Alternative Options: We encourage families to consider using other nearby side streets to reduce congestion and give you the opportunity to walk along one of the peaceful trails with your child. Enchanted Circle, Sleepy Hollow Circle, Valencia Circle, and Whileaway Circle are all nearby streets where you can easily meet your children after a short walk to/from the school. Less congested parking areas, the kids get out some energy and appreciate the natural beauty of the world around them, and maybe time for a quick chat with the kids are all great reasons to consider a parking alternative for the school year!